Happy 120th Birthday Mr. Sraffa!

After a long hiatus of posting online, we are going back to work with the Digital Sraffa project.  Be on the look out for more frequent posts, and better produced content.

And we are happy to make this announcement today, on the occasion of Piero Sraffa’s birthday.  born today, August 5, in 1898. That is 120 years ago. Happy Birthday Mr. Sraffa! Below is a picture of a Young Piero Sraffa from a passport dated 1916. Sraffa’s influence will only grow as his archival material is made more known.

The Janus portal of the Sraffa Archive at the Wren Library can be accessed at the link here. The above picture is taken from Section A1. 

Published by Scott Carter

Associate Professor of Economics The University of Tulsa Oklahoma USA