Lecture 1 One Commodity Model: Slideshow and Videos Uploaded

Please find uploaded onto the Heretical Sraffa YouTube Channel the slideshow presentation and five accompanying videos linked below; these are all under the rubric of Lecture 1. This will begin a new series of lectures, some of the content of which has already been covered in some of the previous videos. Here we now use the Screenflow technology that can give videos of the screen working people through the material, all of which is available for readers to access in the dialogue boxes below the videos as well. I will do my best to streamline the content, etc., as this develops.

The idea here is to introduce people to the manner of inquiry associated with Classical Political Economy as discerned by the present writer from the intellectual legacy of Piero Sraffa.  The framework explores income account relations in a one commodity context.

Lecture 1: On Rehabilitation of Classical Political Economy in the Spirit of the Analytical Framework inspired by Piero Sraffa: One Commodity Model (Income Account only)

Lecture 1 (5/5) Introductory Video

Lecture 1.1

Lecture 1.2

Lecture 1.3

Lecture 1.4

Lecture 1.5

Powerpoint Slideshow here

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Trinity 2.0 Arrangement here

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