INET Scotland

I am here at the INET Conference Reawakening…the conference is about to commence.

The last two days we were at the Festival for New Economic Thinking.  See my video blog from earlier this morning here. I was part of the History of Thought Working Group with the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) and each of us in the group has a quote from HoT and a wall that expressed it.  Well I made the most of the space and quite graffiti-like plastered it with images of the archive and and other supporting material. I have a photo of it here.

Several young scholars came up inquiring about starting a Sraffa Working Group at YSI and while here I will talk to people to see how to go about this.  If anyone is interested in this endeavor then email me at; I will be monitoring that email with greater frequency as we launch this project.

We had a great time at the Festival and there was tremendous energy with the young folks who simply out are fed up with the garbage that is passed off as ‘scientific economic inquiry’. Good for them! And good for us that they are challenging things!

And I told anyone who would listen that with the release of the Sraffa Archive made available well the possibilities are very fruitful indeed! There is tremendous fertility associated with the Sraffa Archive; it reminds me of the fresh water lakes of my youth in Polk County Florida where any random toss of the cast net was certain to catch something! Young scholars are very fortunate indeed!

Lots of excitement here and makes one know that vibrant economic theory is alive!

Published by Scott Carter

Associate Professor of Economics The University of Tulsa Oklahoma USA