It is with great pleasure that I (unofficially) announce that FINALLY the world can see some of Sraffa’s archival material!  Sraffa’s diaries (Section E of the Wren Trinity convention) are now online at the Wren Library website. You can get the link here. We will make much use of the diaries in future posts on this blog in the process of discovery of Sraffa’s scientific journey.

This is amazing news for Sraffa scholars and others who have interest!  I have been assured that the next round of images uploaded will be of better quality, but the quality here is still pretty good!

Thanks to Jonathan Smith, Giancarlo de Vivo, and Murray Milgate for their ongoing work in making this possible. We are now seeing the first fruits of what in an earlier post I called the ‘de Vivo online endeavor.’

And thanks are especially due to Lord Eatwell, Sraffa’s Literary Executor, for his vision in opening the material and making it accessible for all interested scholars worldwide.

Published by Scott Carter

Associate Professor of Economics The University of Tulsa Oklahoma USA