A Road Map Through the Sraffa Archive…

Sraffa’s archive material will be uploaded onto the Wren Trinity website in short order.  Already with Section E online we have access to Sraffa’s diaries.  I have been assured that in relatively short order we will have Section D up as well. Section D is the heart of the archive.  It contains Sraffa’s Notes (D1), his Lectures (D2), and his publications (D3).

It is important that a road map be provided through this archival material.  This is because in relatively short order tens of thousands of color images will be made available to the world. This means that scholars and others interested will find that they can become easily lost in this forest as they stumble amongst the various trees. What we will try to provide on this blog and website, and also on our new Heretical Sraffa Youtube channel, is a forum whereby we can all gain understanding of the nature of the forest so that we are not lost among the trees.  I have an introductory video at the Youtube channel link above that speak to this.

The next blogpost will discuss the history of the different arrangements of the material.

Published by Scott Carter

Associate Professor of Economics The University of Tulsa Oklahoma USA