Sraffa’s visit to China in 1954

Introduction Heretical Sraffa is proud to have our first Guest Bloggers, Andres Lazzarini from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and Gabriel Brondino from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. They go through in detail two of Sraffa’s diaries regarding his visit to China in 1954.  This is an example the possibilities that can come from […]

Samuelson, Solow, and me

I uploaded a video of a story that concerns Paul Samuelson, Robert Solow, and myself here. As a lowly and newly-minted Assistant Professor I cold-called Professor Samuelson one day in September 2006 by dialing information and getting his home phone number in Cambridge Massachusetts. He actually answered the phone, to which after introducing myself I […]

Production for Subsistence Lecture Video Posted

It is important that people acquaint themselves with the content and subject matter of Sraffa’s book Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities. Accordingly we are video streaming lectures of the book on a chapter-by-chapter basis.  It is important that people get access to Sraffa’s book; you can get an early Indian version here. You can find […]

History of arranging Sraffa’s Papers (I)

Jonathan Smith, Trinity Archivist who supervised the Wren Trinity arrangement of Sraffa’s Papers, indicates in a very instructive footnote from his entry to the 2012 Cambridge Journal of Economics Special Issue on Sraffa that ‘the history of attempts to catalogue Sraffa’s papers is not particularly straightforward’ (Smith, 2012, p. 1297, note *). What we do know is […]

A Road Map Through the Sraffa Archive…

Sraffa’s archive material will be uploaded onto the Wren Trinity website in short order.  Already with Section E online we have access to Sraffa’s diaries.  I have been assured that in relatively short order we will have Section D up as well. Section D is the heart of the archive.  It contains Sraffa’s Notes (D1), his […]

On the bright future for Sraffa archival scholarship…

The uploading of Sraffa’s archival material is an important milestone in the development of the archival and intellectual legacy of the Italian Cambridge economist.  It is significant that scholars and interested people everywhere are beginning to have access to images of Sraffa’s material written in his own hand. With the uploading of Sraffa’s Diaries, people are […]


It is with great pleasure that I (unofficially) announce that FINALLY the world can see some of Sraffa’s archival material!  Sraffa’s diaries (Section E of the Wren Trinity convention) are now online at the Wren Library website. You can get the link here. We will make much use of the diaries in future posts on […]